SGA stands for Student Government Association. SGA provides a representative form of government for the students of Edinboro University. SGA represents the interests and concerns of the student body in order to enhance the quality of student life. SGA officially recognizes and allocates an annual budget to various organizations on campus, while sponsoring campus-wide programs and activities.

Executive Board

The executive board consists of seven Edinboro students. The executive board’s job is to oversee SGA congress meetings as well as fulfill their individual positions. Here is a brief description of each position:

President: The President will appoint and remove Executive Board officers, supervise all employees of EUSGA, preside and run all SGA Congress and SGA Executive Board meetings, and have the power to veto.

Vice President of Student Interest: The Vice President will assume all duties of the President when they are not present as well as handle student concerns around campus.

Vice President of Finance: The Finance Director keeps and maintains records of all SGA funds, prepares and submits a budget proposal for the next academic year and reports an oral status of SGA funds during Congress meetings.

Vice President of Procedures: The Parliamentarian review constitutions of potential new organizations, and upholds and maintains the rules in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order during SGA Congress and SGA Executive board meetings.

Director of Public Relations: The Public Relations Director is in charge of advertising SGA’s clubs and organizations programs, events and activities.

Secretary: The Secretary keeps all official records of meetings for SGA Congress Meetings and SGA Executive Board meetings.


Congress members are the heart of SGA. The congress members represent the voice of the student body. It is the members of congress’ responsibility to vote on clubs to be recognized under SGA, who receives funds, and much more. By doing so Congress has a vital influence on who receives portions of the student activities fee. Congress members are required to go to SGA Congress meetings as well as one out of the four committee meetings.

Join us

Students are eligible to apply to be a congress member at the beginning of each semester. Applications are available here on the Edinboro University Student Government Association Borosync page.